miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

Biking in a windy town

I've just switched from the scooter to the bike for commuting because of my third accident. I used to ride my bike in town many years ago, mostly when the whether was ok. Zaragoza is a windy town and it's quite unpleasant to fight against winds that sometimes blow well beyond 90 Km/h (~56 mph). Today, not only was the river as high as shown in my mate's blog entry, but the wind was 45 Km/ (28 mph) in average. Today's finding was that I was able to cope with that wind on my bike (a Dahon borrowed until my new Brompton arrives). I wasn't able to ride my scooter safely in this conditions... it was too sacary. I didn't took the bike lane, anyway, which is openly exposed, but some inner streets, much more protected. I also carried my backpack on my back, not at the handlebar. All in all, I made my commuting almost 30% sonner, in spite of the fact that I got the wind against me half the way. That means that a windy day doesn't necessarily mean to leave back the bike at home.

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